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07:700:131 Introduction to Music

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Introduction to Music


This course is divided into three sections. The first covers the fundamentals of music, including sound production, common instruments, the basics of music notation, basic musical materials such as scales and chords, and examines the variety of musical textures. The second section focuses on the way that these materials can be organized including form. The last section focuses on music of other cultures and on ways in which music is used around us, for example, in film and TV, advertisement, cartoons, and in shaping our beliefs. Despite the emphasis on organization and style, there is also a historical component to help the student understand the context of the music he hears and the reasons for change. The course is not limited to classical music, but includes popular styles among the examples. The course is media rich and contains some interactive features. No prerequisite.

Introduction to Music Online (07:700:131) and Introduction to Music (07:700:101), the face-to-face version, are among the courses which may be used to satisfy the music history requirement for the music minor.

3 credits

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Richard Metzger
Associate Professor
Arts Online
Martha Sullivan
Arts Online
MyungJin Oh
Private Lesson Instructor, Piano
Arts Online
Community Arts