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Art & Design

Drawing on the resources of a large public university, the Department of Art & Design at Mason Gross School of the Arts seeks to cultivate a diverse community that values visual literacy, critical dialogue, experimentation, and the skills necessary for sustaining a creative life that can extend well beyond the studio.




Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Minor

Master of Fine Arts

Student Spotlight

Joy Johnson

BFA Artist

Joy Johnson has more than 58,000 followers on Instagram (@happy_humbug76). Johnson was anointed an #MCRtist on Instagram after she gained traction online for her posted drawings of members of My Chemical Romance, a Newark, New Jersey, rock band.

“It makes me feel a sense of responsibility, and maybe also a need to be cautious,” Johnson says. “I don’t want to negatively influence anyone, offend anyone, disrespect anyone. I try to keep what I say positive and, if the subject of my art is negative, explore it in a way that’s healthy.”