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Arts Management and Leadership Minor

The minor is approved for all MGSA and SAS students.


The Minor in Arts Management & Leadership supports students seeking to gain skills or build careers in arts administration in either the nonprofit or commercial sectors. Open to all undergraduate students at Rutgers-New Brunswick who have demonstrated background, experience, and interest in the arts, the Minor in Arts Management & Leadership equips students with the basics of business skills such as economic and financial literacy, data analysis software, management skills, and teamwork skills, and their application in a variety of subfields within arts administration, including education and outreach, arts marketing, development and grant-seeking, and production. Through three required courses—two in Business Studies and one in Arts Administration Studies—and three electives, students gain a foundation for work or graduate study in the field of arts administration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the minor, students will demonstrate the acquisition of fundamental skills in economic and financial literacy, data analysis software such as Excel, and management/teamwork.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to apply those skills within subfields of arts administration that align with their interests and goals.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of how arts administrators support the work of artists and public engagement with the arts.

Admission to the Minor

To be admitted to the minor, students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and must have completed College Writing. In addition, students must demonstrate a strong interest and prior experience in the arts through a short application [insert link]. This application provides for demonstration of such interest and experience in one or more of the following ways:

  • Enrollment in a professional degree program at MGSA (BM or BFA).
  • Declaration of a BA major or minor in one of the arts disciplines.
  • Prior enrollment in one or more arts courses offered by MGSA or an art history course offered by the SAS Department of Art History.
  • Active participation in off-campus, student-led, or community arts organizations.

Program Requirements

The Arts Management and Leadership Minor requires a total of 18 credits. Double-counting courses towards another major or minor is not permitted.

Required Courses (9 credits total)

  • Business Fundamentals (33:620:304)
  • Management Skills (33:620:302)
  • Introduction to Arts Leadership (07:557:141)

Electives (9 credits total)

Students must take at least three electives.

Pick at least one from Business Studies
(at least 3 credits):

  • Intro to Marketing (33:630:301)
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship (33:382:302)
  • Intro to Management (33:620:301)
  • Executive Leadership (33:620:410)
  • Effective Leadership Communications (33:620:362)
  • Digital Marketing (33:630:497)
  • Introduction to Advertising (33:630:363)
  • Organization and Management of the Music Industry (33:620:486)
  • Cross-Cultural Management (33:620:320)
  • International Entrepreneurship (33:620:475)
  • International Business (33:620:368)
  • Women Leading in Business (33:620:330)
  • Global Management & Strategy (33:620:402)
  • Ethics in Business (33:522:334)
  • Negotiations (33:620:350)

Pick at least one from Arts Leadership Studies (at least 3 credits):

  • Business of Music (07:700:310)
  • Theater Management (07:965:364)
  • Theater Management: Producing (07:965:365)
  • Social Media for the Arts (07:080:431)
  • Introduction to Producing (Film, 07:211:294)
  • Foundations in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (01:082:430)
  • CHAPS (Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies) Museums, Collecting, and Preservation (01:082:440)
  • Workshop in Curatorial Practices (01:082:462) Open to Art History majors, minors and Studio Art majors; by special permission of instructor for all others.
  • Public Policy and the Arts (01:082:489)
  • Festival Curation Seminar (01:050:350)
  • Seminar in Folk Festival Management (01:050:450)
  • Public History: Theory, Method, and Practice (01:506:301)

Apply to the minor in Arts Management and Leadership.

Creative Expression and the Environment Minor

The minor is approved for all MGSA, SAS, and SEBS students.


The minor in Creative Expression and the Environment is a multidisciplinary program in which students gain familiarity with fundamentals of environmental issues and learn to respond to them through creative expression in a variety of disciplines and media in the arts and humanities. Students gain the flexibility to develop their skills as readers, writers, musical performers and composers, visual artists, designers, theater artists, filmmakers, dancers, choreographers, and more, even as they see how those skills can contribute to the communication and creation of knowledge in environmental science and social science. Learn more.