The Theater Department at Mason Gross School of the Arts provides students with a well-rounded and highly demanding program for those serious about pursuing a career as a theater professional. The training consists of intensive studio classes, innovative academic curricula, and fully-supported productions. We are committed to developing artists of the highest caliber who are prepared to join the profession and be a part of the next generation of theater practitioners and innovators.




(BFA, BA, Minor)


Student Spotlight

Marcella Cox

BFA Acting ’20

“What led me to pursue an acting degree were the bedtime stories my grandpa used to tell me as a child. The way in which he could turn a simple story into something thrilling, which then transported me into a new, magical world, gave me an unexplainable feeling of joy. This inspired me to want to generate that same feeling in other people, sparking a return to their childlike imagination. I wanted my art to serve as a vehicle through which people would forget about their worries and life stressors and retreat to a mindset of eternal possibilities, for whatever window I have them.”