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Tess Drosman

BFA Dance ’26

“Being in a conservatory-style program within a large four-year university was always very appealing to me so that I could have the full college experience. I had heard so many amazing things about MGSA, and the proximity to New York City and the professional dance world was an added bonus for me.”


Photo: John Evans

Martha Silva

BFA Dance ’25

“One of my favorite classes from last year was Broadway Jazz taught by Barbara Angeline. This class was not only fun to take but also a very challenging one. I really enjoyed dancing with the upperclassman and learning from them, as well. When taking this class I acquired many helpful tips for when auditioning time comes. Not only that, but I also learned to value myself as a dancer and what I bring to the table.”


Photo: John Evans

Juliana Martino

2nd Year EdM Dance Education candidate

“One of my favorite classes has been Afro-Fusion with Kimani Fowlin. Being able to experience a dance form that took me out of my comfort zone was extremely rewarding. Having the opportunity to perform what my class and I learned brought us all closer and formed a strong bond between us.”