Meet Our Students

Photo: John Evans

Alex Silvis

BFA Alumni ’22

“Barbara [Angeline] is one of those teachers who just expects so much from you because she believes and knows that you can do it. She believed in me more than I believed in myself and allowed me to grow into the dancer that she knew I could be, and I just hadn’t found yet! Stephanie [Klemons], also believed in me. She immediately saw that I had more than I thought I did to offer. She saw that I was capable of a lot and pushed my confidence to the next level! I really gained confidence from these classes that I needed to move into the real world, and I am so thankful for them.”


Photo: John Evans

Juliana Martino

2nd Year EdM Dance Education candidate

“One of my favorite classes has been Afro-Fusion with Kimani Fowlin. Being able to experience a dance form that took me out of my comfort zone was extremely rewarding. Having the opportunity to perform what my class and I learned brought us all closer and formed a strong bond between us.”