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How to Propose a New Course

Having a new course approved is a multi-step process. This begins at the departmental/division level. Consult the Department Chair or the Chair of the departmental Curriculum Committee about the documents you need to submit. Typically, the new course needs the approval of the departmental Curriculum Committee followed by the vote of the full departmental faculty meeting, but this is department specific. Once the course has received all departmental approvals, the course proposal proceeds to the Mason Gross Curriculum Committee. This school-wide committee meets each semester to review new course proposals and substantive changes to existing courses. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs chairs the Mason Gross Curriculum Committee. Below is a document outlining the Curriculum Review Process, as well as the forms and templates needed to propose a new course to the school-wide committee.

Online Course Review Committee

Please note that the purpose of the Online Course Review Committee is to assess courses for content and design to ensure that the content matches published course descriptions, meets stated learning goals, and is factually accurate. In addition, the Committee will verify that the use of technology is compelling and pedagogically sound, and the layout is consistent. The committee does not deal with any online courses that have not already received curricular approval at department and school levels. Online courses must be completed and approved by March 1 for Fall semester, October 1 for Spring semester and April 1 for Summer Session. For more information, please contact Rutgers Arts Online.