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Rutgers Arts Online delivers high-quality arts education anywhere, anytime, online to the Rutgers community and students around the globe. As the largest online program at Rutgers University, Rutgers Arts Online offers courses in music, dance, theater, and art and design—as well as the school’s outreach arm, Rutgers Community Arts, and the Rutgers Filmmaking Center. A master of music education online degree program is offered through Rutgers Arts Online, which was established at Mason Gross in 2010.

All courses are authored and taught by professional practitioners who are not only educators but industry experts.

The Online Advantage

Learn from anywhere according to your own schedule

Learn from anywhere according to your own schedule

Balance your studies with other life commitments

Balance your studies with other life commitments

Enjoy small class sizes and close online interactions with faculty and peers

Enjoy small class sizes and close online interactions with faculty and peers

Attend classes year-around, full or part-time

Attend classes year-around, full or part-time

Choose from Fall, Spring, and Summer starting points

Choose from Fall, Spring, and Summer starting points

Why Rutgers University?

  • Rutgers is the No. 1 public university in New Jersey and within the top 5 in the Northeast.
  • Rutgers is No. 15 in the nation among public colleges for big paychecks according to Money magazine.
  • Rutgers is a diversity university, being No. 1 in the nation (tied) for campus ethnic diversity among national universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Rutgers Arts Online courses work?

A student registers for an online course just like a traditional course. A separate list of online courses is available on the schedule of classes at: You will need to enter the term, location, and level. Students can take online courses on all three campuses at any time during the year. You can register for any course, as long as you have the pre-requisite for that course, if necessary.

Do I ever have to go to class? Does the class ever meet “in person?”

All Rutgers Arts Online courses are asynchronous. With open online courses, students do not have to come to campus, and they are not required to be on their computers at any specific time. Professors make assignments, list quizzes, exams, etc., and students are given a deadline in which to complete said work.

Are Rutgers Arts Online courses easier than traditional or face-to-face courses?
No, in fact, online courses challenge the student to be interactive, organized and responsible.
Who can take Rutgers Arts Online courses?

Rutgers university students, including Mason Gross School of the Arts and liberal arts students
Rutgers alumni
Visiting students, which include:

  • Students from another university or institution
  • Elementary, middle and high school educators who are required to regularly complete continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Members of the general public with interest in the arts
How many credits are each course?

Most courses are 3 credits. However, we offer some short form courses, and they are 2 credits.

How long are the classes?

3-credit courses are a full semester-long and the short form courses begin approximately six weeks after semester begins.

Who are the instructors?

All courses are authored and taught by professional practitioners who are educators and industry experts. If you have a specific question about the course, you should contact the instructor directly. Learn more about our instructors.

Can I see a sample of a course?
Yes. Fill out this form and select the course(s) you are interested in previewing by following this link: Preview a course now!
How do you apply?
To learn how to register for a course, please visit:
When does the class begin? Does the class begin on the first day or when I register for the course?

If your course is through learning management systems such as eCollege or Canvas, the course will begin on the first day of classes for that particular semester. You will receive an enrollment email from eCollege or Canvas stating that you enrolled in the course and where you can access the course when it begins

Where do I go to access my online classes?
Rutgers currently uses Canvas and eCollege learning management systems for online learning. Please follow this link:, for access and support.
Do I need any kind of special technology for an online course?
Please follow links for technical requirements:
eCollege –
Canvas –
Do online courses have additional fees?

Yes. You will be charged $100 tech fee for each online course you register. This fee currently covers the cost of administrative support services of online education, 24/7 help desk services, and technology infrastructure, administrative hardware and software used to deliver online courses. This fee does not cover other course costs, such as any form of student authentication chosen by the instructor, additional instructional expenses such as textbooks, private tutoring services and supplemental technologies.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions regarding my online course?

If you have questions about the course, you should contact the professor. For all general technical inquiries you can contact the help desk for Canvas support: 877-361-1134 or and for eCollege support: 848-260-2941 or Or visit the contact us page for more information:

Where can I get a copy of the syllabus?

Students are provided access to their online courses on the first day of the semester. The syllabus will be listed in the course. Some instructors may email the students before the start of the course. If you need a copy of the syllabus, please reach out to the listed instructor on the schedule of classes. You can find your instructor’s email on the faculty page.

What is Proctortrack?
Click here for the Proctortrack FAQ.
Can I transfer credits from a Rutgers Arts Online course to my university?

Registration for courses at Rutgers University as a visiting continuing studies student in no way guarantees admission to a degree program at the university. Subsequent transferability of courses to a degree program either at Rutgers or elsewhere is determined solely by the degree program from the home academic institution. Visiting students matriculating at other colleges should have their course selections approved by their home institution prior to registration to ensure credit transfer.

Information regarding transferring credits from another university or institution can be found on the office of academic services website: Transfer credit from institutions not a part of Rutgers university.

What is the cost of an online course?

For more information about tuition rates and fees, you can visit the Office of Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services.


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