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The Rutgers Print Collaborative is host to a research-driven print collaboration program with professional artists and students. Global in reach, it cultivates an experiential learning environment for publication, education, and the advancement of prints/multiples. Professional print collaborations are integral to the development of critical problem-solving abilities for students at all levels. The studio provides guest artists the environment and resources to research topics based on current social issues in the art world – and world at large – through the catalyst of student interaction and experimentation. The objective of the studio is to demystify elements of the creative process, providing a window into how professional artists conceptualize projects, conduct critical research, bringing those ideas to fruition. Recent artist collaborators include Enrique Chagoya, Mark Thomas Gibson, Dahlia Elsayed, Damien Davis, Nona Faustine Simmons, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, and Dread Scott. RPC houses an archive of prints from the Brodsky Center PAFA, formerly at Rutgers. Prints from these projects are on view and for sale below; all sales go to help support the Studio.

Available Prints

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Enrique Chagoya

Capricho No. 63: ¡Miren que graves!
Etching, aquatint and polymer stamp. New print made in conjunction with Barbara Madsen’s Graduate Portfolio Seminar, “After Goya with Chagoya.”

Capricho No. 53: ¡Que pico de oro!
New edition,  Etching, aquatint and Polymer stamp.


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Mark Thomas Gibson

Rally, Florida, and Muck Man are silkscreen prints made in conjunction with Didier William’s silkscreen class.


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Damien Davis

Pain Management Cards, set of 19

Produced in collaboration with graduate students from Barbara Madsen’s Graduate Portfolio Seminar. Series of 19 silkscreen playing cards with laser cut clipboard. 11.75 x 9.5 inches.


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Nona Faustine Simmons

Scarlet and Black

Produced in collaboration with graduate students from Barbara Madsen’s Graduate Portfolio Seminar. Inspired by the book Scarlet and Black, Volume 1: Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History, which traces the university’s early history, uncovering how the university benefited from the slave economy and how Rutgers came to own the land it inhabits.

Past Projects

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Dahlia Elsayed


Print produced in conjunction with Barbara Madsen’s Graduate Print Seminar, “Pandemic Portfolio.” Limited edition, not for sale


Artwork Details

Woodcut and Ceramic
Edition of 14
Two sheets, each sheet 11 x 14 inches
Ceramic by the artist
Published by Rutgers Print Collaborative
Master Printer: Randy Hemminghaus
© 2020


To see process shots of artists in the studio and more samples of work, please visit the Collaborative’s Instagram Gallery.