Art & Design


Design studies at Mason Gross School of the Arts are grounded in graphic design and interaction design, reflecting the rapidly evolving nature of visual communication and technology. Students gain expertise in developing innovative ways of communicating ideas in a wide range of concrete and dynamic media. They acquire skills in typography, publication design, coding, and data visualization, while shaping content and form in both speculative and real-world situations.

The Rutgers MFA in design immerses students in critical inquiry and experimental making, to design for a changing world.  Combining studio work with speculative thinking, the program focuses on interdisciplinary research to inform the creation of publications, interfaces, information, and experiences. Students benefit from both the program’s intimate creative community and Rutgers’ vast opportunities for research and collaboration.

The department of Art & Design at Mason Gross offers BFA and MFA programs in design.



Atif Akin
Associate Professor
Art & Design
Gerry Beegan
MFA in Design Director, Professor
Art & Design
Jacqueline Thaw
Associate Professor in Design
Art & Design
Community Arts

Design Lecture Series

The Design Lecture Series brings design practitioners and scholars to the department to address seminal issues in contemporary design through presentations and discussions. Each speaker presents their critical perspective and how their unique practice addresses the current landscape. Students have an opportunity to connect with these speakers in intimate classroom conversations. All design lectures are open to the department and serve as a valuable meeting point for students in different programs.

Upcoming Lectures

2023 Speakers

Joe Marianek
Asad Pervaiz
Talia Cotton
Anastasiia Raina
Chris Rypkema
Stephanie Schapowal
Yasaman Sheri
Orkan Telhan
Nicole Killian
Eric Zimmerman

2022 Speakers

Tega Brain
Channel Studio
Nika Simovich Fisher
Forensic Architecture
Shiraz Gallab
Schessa Garbutt
Cybele Grandjean
Elizabeth Guffey
Nontsi Mutiti
Fiona Raby
Sadie Red Wing
Louise Sandhaus

2021 Speakers

McKenzie Wark
Somnath Bhatt
Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Silas Munro
Chris Hamamoto
Aarati Akkapeddi
Lauren Lee McCarthy
Alice Wong
Shannon Mattern
Shira Inbar
Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Forest Young

2020 Speakers

Laura Coombs
Shannon Finnegan
Ayham Ghraowi and Matt Wolff
Neema Githere
Yotam Hadar
Kristian Henson
Gregor Huber
Tracy Ma
Yasaman Sheri
David Reinfurt
Federico Pérez Villoro
Jane Wong

2019 Speakers

Juliette Cezzar
Olya Domoradova
Lauren Francescone
Cybele Grandjean
Randy Hunt
Courtney Inge
E Roon Kang
Ken Meier
Stephen Spyropoulos
Young Sun Compton
Neil Donnelly
Dina El-Zanfaly
Prem Krishnamurthy
Caspar Lam and YuJune Park
Andrew LeClair
Surya Mattu
McCandliss and Campbell
Paul Sahre
Joel Simon