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Hire a Rutgers Teaching Artist

Need a workshop or program with a professional artist? This form allows organizations, companies, schools, school districts, etc. to request a group workshop, group class, or program with professional artists from Mason Gross School of the Arts through Rutgers Community Arts. By filling out this form, you confirm that you understand this is not a request for a volunteer.


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Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

Are you a current MGSA student, faculty, staff member or alum interested in exploring opportunities to volunteer? Contact us.

Artists might hesitate when asked to volunteer or give their time for free, and they should: Being an artist does not mean we work for free; our time is just as valuable as any other profession, and we should be compensated as such.

Still, volunteering your time to support causes you are passionate about or would like to learn more about will enrich your understanding of the world around you and will deepen your experience of your own art. By immersing yourself in a community and giving your time and artistry, you are connecting with new people, broadening your network, exploring how your art evolves or feels in a different space, and sharing a piece of you that brings joy to others. Furthermore, you may inspire someone to pursue their chosen art form.

Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Sharing that time, space, and art with the community provides a natural sense of accomplishment, pride, and identity.

Find an arts-based volunteer opportunity through RCA.

Current Volunteering Partnerships

RWJ Cancer Institute: Over the last year, musicians from the Mason Gross Music Department have given free performances that have lifted the spirits of both patients and healthcare workers alike. We look forward to deepening this partnership in the coming year.