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Kristin Field

BM Jazz Studies ’26

“I really loved Mason Gross’s proximity to New York and the number of opportunities that presents. NYC is such an important location for musicians, and it being right there to take advantage of provides so many resources and connections that I’m looking for. To see so many talented artists come in and teach from the city shows that this program is truly something special.”


Gavin Kim

BM Piano Performance ’26

“I wanted to study at a school that promoted collaboration and exploration rather than competition. From day one, I felt like MGSA was the best place for me to grow as a musician alongside many other talented artists.”


Zoë D’Amico

BM Violin Performance & Music Education ’24

“My favorite thing about being a musician, whether performing, teaching, or conducting, is the connections that you create with others through music. Making music with others is one of the most fulfilling and deeply personal experiences one can experience, and by studying music I hope to pay it forward. My mentors and peers have given so much to me, and I want to share that with my future students and audiences.”


Michelle Kim

BM Composition ’26

“As a composer, having a collaboration is always the most precious moment where I can step up to another level. MGSA is the perfect place [because] it gives lots of collaboration opportunities, not only with the musicians but with other art departments. I am excited to collaborate with students who approach art differently than how I do.”