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Whether training to be an actor, director, playwright, designer, stage manager, or technician, students will rigorously practice their individual disciplines while sharing an academic curriculum designed to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of their craft.

The program offers a BFA degree in theater with concentrations in acting, design, and production; and an MFA in theater degree with concentrations in acting, design, production, and playwriting.

In additional to our professional degrees, students outside of Mason Gross can declare a BA in theater, which is a more general studies program.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theater

BFA degrees in theater include concentrations in:

Bachelor of Arts, Minor

The Theater Department offers two undergraduate programs outside of the BFA:

Graduate Programs

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theater

Theater is a creative and collaborative art in which true excellence can only be achieved through exploration of craft. Our focus in the Theater Department at Mason Gross is to provide aspiring theater professional with a unique experience including intensive studio classes, innovative academic curricula, and ground-breaking fully supported productions.

The MFA degree in theater features a concentrations in: