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Bachelor of Fine Arts: First-Year Applicants

What is a first-year applicant?

Fall Admission Only

Rutgers University Application:  January 1

Mason Gross Talent Assessment: January 15

Bachelor of Fine Arts: External Transfer Applicants

What is an external transfer applicant?

Fall Semester Start

Rutgers University Application: February 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: February 15

Spring Semester Start

Due to the sequence of courses, Mason Gross does not accept external transfer applicants in the spring semester for dance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Current or Former Rutgers Students

Fall Semester Deadlines

Email by February 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: February 15
Decision: June 30

Spring Semester Deadlines

Email by November 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: November 15
Decision: January 15

To Apply

Students currently enrolled at another academic unit within Rutgers University (School to School Transfer) OR have taken a leave of absence (Re-Enrollment) from any Rutgers academic unit and would like to return and enroll in a BFA degree program at the Mason Gross School of the Arts must first complete the MGSA School to School Transfer/Re-Enrollment Interest Form. Learn more at Mason Gross Admissions.

Admission Requirements

From another Rutgers–New Brunswick school:

  • 12 graded degree credits, excluding remedial courses
  • A Rutgers cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.000
  • Expository Writing (01:355:101) or an acceptable equivalent course with a grade of C or better

From another Rutgers–Camden or Rutgers–Newark school:

  • At least two semesters, including the current semester, as a student in your present school or college at Rutgers University, also including at least 12 graded degree credits, excluding remedial courses
  • A Rutgers cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.000
  • English Composition I and II (Camden 50:350:101 and 50:350:102) (Newark 21:355:101 and 21:355:102) with grades of C or better

Guidelines for Re-Auditioning

Please note that any opportunity to re-audition is contingent on the Dance Department not having reached enrollment capacity.

  • Current BA dance students wishing to transfer to the BFA may audition a maximum of two times prior to their junior year.
  • Students may only audition once per intended enrollment semester.
  • BFA dance majors who have not followed the BFA curriculum for two or more consecutive semesters, must successfully re-audition before being allowed to resume BFA studies.
Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Dance

New Students

First-year and transfer applicants to Rutgers University interested in pursuing the BA or minor in dance should be sure to select the Rutgers–New Brunswick School of Arts and Sciences on their university application. After being accepted into the School of Arts and Sciences, applicants will submit the MGSA BA in Art/BA in Dance/Minor in Dance Interest Form to indicate their interest in declaring the BA major once enrolled. Students who would like to be considered for both the BFA and BA program should select both Mason Gross School of the Arts and the School of Arts and Sciences on the university application. Students selecting both Mason Gross and the School of Arts and Sciences on their university application will not be required to submit the Interest Form.

Current Students

Currently enrolled Rutgers–New Brunswick students interested in declaring the Bachelor of Arts and/or minor in dance programs are encouraged to consult with their matriculating school advisor and welcome to audition for approval by the Department of Dance at Mason Gross. BA dance and dance minor specific auditions are held once every fall (early October) and spring (Early February) term. To schedule an audition with the department please fill out the MGSA BA in Art/BA in Dance/Minor in Dance Interest Form and the information will be sent to you to register for the next available audition date.

Rutgers University Application

All external applicants (never attended Rutgers before) must complete and submit the Rutgers University Application. For instructions and additional requirements please click on the following link:

Required University App Credentials

Optional University App Credentials

  • SAT (code 2765)
  • ACT (code 2592)

Mason Gross Talent Assessment


  • $35 dance audition fee
  • Dance questionnaire
  • Resume and headshot
  • Live audition date selection OR recorded audition (outlined below)
  • Optional video

Live Audition

We encourage all applicants to audition at one of our live, on-campus auditions. The audition will include technique classes in contemporary, classical/traditional, and hip-hop.

Audition dates for fall 2024 admission
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, January 27, 2024
Saturday, February 10, 2024

For current Rutgers students, BA and minor dance auditions are held in October for fall declaration and at our February 10 audition for spring declaration.

Recorded Audition

Applicants unable to attend one of our live auditions may choose to submit a recorded audition. A series of videos featuring our faculty members demonstrating the audition requirements are linked below.  Kindly watch each video and learn each exercise.  In each video, the instructor explains and demonstrates the material to be performed and then performs each exercise with music for your reference. Practice and prepare the material to the best of your ability.  Once learned please record a video of yourself performing each exercise across the three styles. Students who fail to submit the specific, required audition exercises will not be reviewed for admission to the program.

**Important note: Space and proper flooring are essential for dance and for dancer wellness. We know that if you are auditioning virtually, you may not have the space or the sprung floor to do all traveling, floor work or jumping. Please take care of yourself and do what makes sense for you and your dance environment.

Video instructions for virtual audition submissions:

Additional tips for creating your audition video submission:

  • No special equipment is required for these recordings.  A camera on a cell phone is sufficient.
  • Please compile all the videos into one file and upload as your audition submission to our SlideRoom portal.
  • Please be sure your entire body is framed when you record your performance of each exercise so we can see how you articulate all the material, from the top of your head to your feet.
  • After you take the time to learn each exercise, we recommend that you play the portion where the instructor performs the material with music and record yourself doing that material while the video is playing. This will allow you to align your tempo to the tempo of the exercise and the rhythmic structure that the instructor intended.
  • Your final video submission should be roughly 18–20 minutes in duration.

Optional Additional Video

Applicants may select to upload an additional video. The additional video could highlight an alternative dance style of your choosing (i.e. jazz, flamenco, African, Indian), a sample of your own choreography, or a solo performance. An additional video is optional.

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