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07:211:130 Introduction to Video Editing: Styles and Techniques

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Introduction to Video Editing: Styles and Techniques


Video editing is a powerful stage in the filmmaking process because it requires both technical and creative ability. Once both skills are developed, a video editor can be extremely influential in bringing a visual story to life.

This course is an introduction to both the technical and creative elements essential for video editing. In this class through reading and assignments, students will examine the role of video editors in the storytelling process. Students in the class will learn the tools necessary to manipulate existing footage into thoughtful and creative video edits using Adobe Premiere Pro software. Through a series of readings and provided video examples, the students will expand their understanding of editing concepts and storytelling tools. Then they will use that creative knowledge and apply it practically through a series of video editing assignments.

Students will learn a professional editing room workflow to guide them through the many stages of video editing which include capturing and organizing footage, the editing of film clips into a comprehensive whole, and the process of exporting media for online viewing. With an emphasis on the development of story, students will discover how time, pacing, audio editing and other tools can be used to influence the emotion in a scene.

3 Credits

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Dave Sperling
Arts Online