BA Theater Requirements

Theater Major Requirements

The bachelor of arts (BA) major in Theater Arts is designed for School of Arts and Sciences students who are seeking a solid overview in theater as part of a well-rounded liberal arts education. It allows students to investigate the various disciplines in theater. The BA Theater Arts major consists of a balanced course of study in scholarship and art, stressing a theoretical approach. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared for internships, employment in the arts community, graduate study, and graduate or studio training. Theater majors in the BA program are required to take a minimum of 47 credits.

As a means for current Rutgers students to explore aptitude and interest for a Theater major, most choose to take:

07:965:211 Theater Appreciation


07:965:271 Basic Acting or 07:965:215 Scenic Art

Students can declare a BA Theater major simply by speaking to their adviser and using Rutgers’ Degree Navigator (the online advising tool designed to help students make informed decisions regarding their academic progress). Entrance to the bachelor of arts (BA) theater program requires only academic admission to the School of Arts and Sciences and declaration of the Theater major. An audition is not required.

BA theater majors complete courses in 07:965:281-282 Theater History (or the online equivalent 07:965:231-232), 07:965:215 Scenic Art, and 07:966:123 Theater Practice (taken twice) by the end of the junior year, since they are required of all majors and are prerequisites for most advanced theater courses. Theater History is a two-semester course, which must be taken in sequence, beginning in the fall semester. The course is also offered online.               

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Theater Minor Requirements

Most students at Rutgers are eligible to register for a minor in Theater Arts through the School of Arts and Sciences. An audition is not required to declare this minor.

A minor in Theater Arts allows students with diverse academic interests to draw on the benefits of an arts education, supplementing their broader liberal arts studies.

The minor in Theater requires 18 credits. Students are required to take 07:965:281-282 Theater History (3,3) (or the online equivalent 07:965:231-232 [3,3]) and 07:965:215 Scenic Art (3). In addition, Theater minors take 8–9 credits in Theater Arts electives to include 2–3 credits in a physical theater elective.  B.A. advisers in Theater must be consulted for approval of elective selections. Theater minors who are declaring in the senior year must preregister for classes to ensure availability as space is limited. 

Theater History is a two-semester course, which must be taken in sequence, beginning in the fall semester. The course is also offered online.  07:965:215 Scenic Art is required and is offered in the fall semester. It is a prerequisite for all other theater electives.

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BA Theater majors have gone on to postgraduate study in:

  • Acting
  • Design
  • Directing
  • Management
  • Writing

Theater Careers:

  • Acting
  • Design
  • Agent/Casting
  • Directing
  • Writing
  • Theater Management

BA Theater Major Performance Opportunities:

Cabaret Theatre – Douglass Campus

Since 1975, Cabaret Theatre has been committed to providing the university and its surrounding community with a wide variety of theatrical experiences, as well as offering a forum for students to learn about acting, directing, writing, business management, design, and construction through workshops and hands-on experience.

College Avenue Players – College Avenue Campus

College Avenue Players (CAP) provides a casual, welcoming atmosphere in which its members can showcase and develop their talents, learn from one another, and provide entertainment to the public. CAP strives to develop a multifaceted performing-arts community and is dedicated to providing an outlet for students to showcase their own original written material.

Livingston Theatre Company – Livingston Campus

Now in its second decade, the Livingston Theatre Company produces a season of three or four major musical productions per year.

For more information about the BA Theater major, please contact:
Marshall Jones, director of BA Theater
732-932-9891, ext. 25

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