Writers Workshop and Actor-Playwright Workshop

Faculty: Kathleen Tolan, William Carden

The mysterious, exhilarating and confounding act of collaboration defines theater. How actors engage with a new play, how playwrights “find” the play in process with actors and a director—and, ultimately, an audiencerequires tenacity, diplomacy, thoughtfulness, creativity and practice. How do we talk to a playwright about her play in a way that opens her process rather than shuts it down? How do we speak with an actor in a way that excites his imagination? How can we engage as a company with ideas in the play and with its form, demands and unique artistry?

In the fall, the playwrights and actors will meet once a week to engage in the collaborative process. They will read new drafts of the playwrights’ works-in-process and develop the skills to contribute to the rich discovery of each piece.

This spring in the Writers Workshop we will be doing several readings of the MFA playwrights’ plays with professional actors and directors at Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City.

Two of the directors on board for the readings are Adrienne Campbell-Holt and Lee Sunday Evans.

At the end of the semester the third year acting company, returning from London, will do several readings of the playwrights' new works.