Set Design (BFA/MFA)

As a set design candidate you can expect rigorous and comprehensive training in the theory, skills and techniques necessary to function in the professional theater world. Your professors are all working professionals and bring you access to the best current ideas and practices. During the 3.5 year program you will take a carefully integrated series of classes in:
  • Drafting: Starting with hand drafting to learn the basics of three dimensional space and theatrical practice, you will move on to computer drafting and advanced problem solving.
  • History of Architecture and Decorative Arts: You will get a good basic foundation in architectural and decorative styles.
  • Elements of Design: In the first semester of this course you will learn basic perspective, sketching methods and media, model making and basic design theory and play analysis specific to set design. In the second semester, you join the designers in other specialties for a course in collaboration and design theory. 
  • Studio Drawing: You will develop good skills in general drawing composition and media, with figure drawing and other techniques.
  • Set Design I and II: The courses are tiered to provide you practical application of design theory, analysis of plays and styles of design. A wide variety of projects allow you to test your ideas and learn best practices. 
  • Design Electives: Many electives are offered for specialized training in computer illustration, scene painting, properties and courses in other areas (costumes, lighting design, and others) if you wish to pursue them. 
You will have opportunities to design department shows to see your ideas realized on stage in performance and build your portfolio. An edited, finished portfolio and resume is required before graduation. You will be presented to our friends in the professional design world at a showcase in New York City at the conclusion of your studies. 
Visiting professional designers and directors provide you with additional opportunities to learn and create a network for after graduation.