The arc of Movement curriculum has been designed to release the constrictions of the actor’s instrument and to free the actor’s emotional life. The specific technique that is explored in the first half of the training is the the Williamson Technique. Special care is given to create a safe and nurturing environment where the actor can begin to give himself permission to move away from pedestrian and socialized behavior and to embody a more authentic, expansive and unbridled expression. The vehicle of sensuality work brings about a more receptive physical intelligence in the actor's body, which then allows him to communicate more deeply to the world that is around him. The goal is for the actor to become the full embodiment of sensuality, grace, flexibility and sophisticated behavior, and to effortlessly apply this transformation to making clear physical choices in the acting work. Inhabiting his physical instrument in the arena of alignment, openness and full physical expression is expected. This therefore allows the body to effortlessly receive the demands of the advanced classical work at the Globe in London.