Kevin Kittle: Teaching Statement

kevin kittle
Lights! Camera! …Wait a second: let’s hold off before we call “action.” When you come to study with me at Mason Gross School of the Arts it is with the understanding that we are not rushing to perform in our first year. The impulse to Act is not a selfish desire. The impetus is to share an experience with a group of people. We act because we have a burning need to communicate. But, before we can share an experience we must be in touch with that experience ourselves. So we spend the entire first year examining and exploring our “true” selves.
We ask ourselves: “What has personal meaning to me?” We also identify any blocks we may have that prevent us from being the fullest version of ourselves. What a treat! Most people don’t get that chance. What is it that Socrates says about the Unexamined Life? The truth is many people prefer to live an unexamined life because it is hard to really look at oneself.
It takes a special person to be willing to use their personal self in the pursuit of art. Please re-read that last sentence. It is necessary to understand that it is all in the pursuit of art. The most important element of our class is form. You will begin to learn a techniquea set of practical rules that house your experience. Eventually, when you put it all together, you have tremendous freedomthe fullest expression of your personal self within the boundaries of your practical choices. Expression and safety.  Adventure and shelter. I’m getting excited just talking about it. Let’s begin.
Kevin Kittle