Barbara Marchant: Teaching Statement

barbara marchant

As a master teacher, I have dedicated my life to teaching and upholding the actor as an artist and skilled craftsperson.  I am committed to a teaching tradition that develops you, the student, to the degree of expertise and virtuosity that is necessary to compete in the world of professional acting.  It is a tradition that is solidly grounded on Stanislavsky’s exhortation “Love the art in you, not you in the art.”

An actor's full expression as an artist must not be impeded. It is the actor’s job to reveal the human condition to their audience.  Igniting your imagination and giving you the fundamental tools with which you can create a fully realized performance is my goal.  I strive to instill in you a discipline of mind, an exacting work ethic, and the necessary appetite for delving into the human spirit.

Acting is a collaborative art form.  My teaching does not end at the classroom door.   We work together, always, and whenever necessary.  Your work is my work.  We are in this process together. My approach to the work is focused on the individual student, to what you bring to the classroom and ultimately the world.   It is my goal for each of you to discover, transform, and understand that the script lies within you.

My hope is that following our work together you will have a solid foundation and a body of study that will be with you for the rest of your life – a pathway, for you, the theater professional.

Barbara Marchant