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Design and acting students have the opportunity to study at Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. With London as their classroom, theater students work with a world-renowned faculty of master teachers and live in the heart of the city. This program is carefully designed to enhance and broaden the skills of each student. The experience and knowledge gained there will provide a solid foundation for their growth as theater artists and deepen their understanding of Shakespeare in the context of classical and contemporary British arts and culture.


The Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London provides students with classical conservatory study abroad at a professional theater of international stature. The conservatory course structure is supported by onsite study, enhancing the curriculum by actually being there. Students study classical works and how to perform them with professionals who have trained, researched, and performed throughout their careers with Shakespeare’s texts. They further contextualize classical and contemporary theater arts through weekly visits to historic, artistic, and cultural landmarks; and UK theaters, festivals, and museums. Students live in a flat in central London, walk to class over the Millennium Bridge with a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern, and study at the international center for Shakespeare research, performance, and training—Shakespeare’s Globe.

Design & Production

Rutgers’ design and production programs includes a semester-long residency in London in the third year of study. This experience forgoes traditional classroom instruction and is tailored annually to fit the individual needs and interests of student costume, lighting, and scenic designers and costume technologists. Classes are held on location at professional shops and theaters, as well as site-specific venues. With classes taught by professional London designers, directors, and industry professionals, the program includes placements in professional theaters, cultural excursions, and weekly individual consultations with designers, master craftspeople, and model makers, among others. Immersion in British arts and culture, research, and conceptual design projects, and an exhibition of student work round out their time in London.