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First Year Applicants

Fall Admission Only

What is a first-year applicant?

Rutgers University Application: December 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: January 15
Decision: April 1

External Transfer Applicants

What is an external transfer applicant?

Fall Admission Only

Rutgers University Application: February 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: February 15
Decision: April 1

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Current or Former Rutgers Students

Fall Semester Deadlines

Email by February 1
Mason Gross Talent Assessment: February 15
Decision: June 30

To Apply

Students currently enrolled at another academic unit within Rutgers University (School to School Transfer) OR have taken a leave of absence (Re-Enrollment) from any Rutgers academic unit and would like to return and enroll in a BFA degree program at the Mason Gross School of the Arts must first complete the MGSA School to School Transfer/Re-Enrollment Interest Form. Learn more at Mason Gross Admissions.

Admission Requirements

From another Rutgers–New Brunswick school:

  • 12 graded degree credits, excluding remedial courses
  • A Rutgers cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.000
  • Expository Writing (01:355:101) or an acceptable equivalent course with a grade of C or better

From another Rutgers–Camden or Rutgers–Newark school:

  • At least two semesters, including the current semester, as a student in your present school or college at Rutgers University, also including at least 12 graded degree credits, excluding remedial courses
  • A Rutgers cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.000
  • English Composition I and II (Camden 50:350:101 and 50:350:102) (Newark 21:355:101 and 21:355:102) with grades of C or better

Rutgers University Application

All external applicants (never attended Rutgers before) must complete and submit the Rutgers University Application. For instructions and additional requirements please click on the following link:

Required University App Credentials

Optional University App Credentials

  • SAT (code 2765)
  • ACT (code 2592)

Mason Gross Talent Assessment


  • $20 SlideRoom fee
  • Filmmaking questionnaire
  • University admissions essay
  • Filmmaker and/or artist inspiration Statement
  • Portfolio

Filmmaking Questionnaire

A series of short-answer questions about your interest and background in film.

University Admissions Essay

Submit the same essay you used on your Rutgers University application as a part of your Mason Gross Supplemental Application. Current Rutgers students or re-enrollment applicants, please write a personal statement that explains what specific filmmaking goals you hope to achieve by enrolling in our program, and how do you plan to achieve those goals?

Filmmaker and/or Artist Inspiration

In 300-600 words, please choose one of the following prompts to answer:

  • Discuss a filmmaker you admire. Describe aspects of this filmmaker’s work that have inspired/impacted you.
  • Describe/discuss a scene or formal cinematic element from a film or narrative television show that has impacted you. How has this scene influenced the kind of filmmaker you aspire to be? How does it relate to your personal approach to filmmaking?
  • Tell us about your aspirations as an emerging filmmaker. Describe the subjects, themes, possible methodology (nonfiction, documentary, narrative fiction, etc.) you are interested in exploring in your cinematic work. Do not tell us about career ambitions (i.e., “I’d like to become a producer for HBO”). Rather, keep the statement focused on the work you’d like to create that might get you to that place in your career.

Portfolio Requirements

Option 1: Short Film

Applicant may submit up to two short films that can be a documentary, fiction and/or animation film. The total running time for both films combined cannot exceed 10 minutes. The film(s) must be a complete work; we strongly discourage submitting compilation reels. Videotaped stage readings and/or plays will not be accepted. Please make sure the video submission is playable.

Note: Applicants should specify their specific role in the making of the sample in the notes section of the portfolio submission.

Option 2: Artistic Portfolio

Please submit 10 examples of your artwork (produced within the last two years) that reflect your accomplishments and emphasize your strengths. This is an edited collection of your artwork intended to showcase your area of interest, modes of expression, and range of creativity. You may include a variety of media such as painting, observational drawing, photography, print, sculpture, or video work. Please be selective and show only your best work and avoid cartoon action figures, monsters, graffiti art, cute pets, portraits drawn from photographs, and images of vacations (in particular, sunsets), and flowers. We strongly encourage applicants to include descriptive captions for each image.

Option 3: Abbreviated Artistic Portfolio & Creative Writing Sample

Please submit five examples of your artwork, as outlined in Option 2, and one script or creative writing sample. The script or creative writing sample cannot be more than five pages or 600 words in length.

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