Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Laura Swanson

Civic Square Building

6:40 p.m. Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Artist Bio - Through photography, sculpture, and installation, Laura Swanson deconstructs and critiques representations of physical difference and how identity is created, perceived, and performed. Influenced by art history, commercial photography, critical theory, ready-made objects, popular culture, retail display, social media, and personal experience, much of the work conceals the artist's identity and depicts her short statured body in playful ways to disrupt the dominance of normative representations of adult bodies in culture.In her practice, Swanson subverts the expectations of portraiture to explore and highlight the complications of representing and looking at different bodies.

Civic Square Building, Rm 110



Image Credit: Laura Swanson at Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester, United Kingdom