Rutgers Children's Choir/Scarlet Singers Auditions May 21 and 23


Prospective Rutgers Children's Choir (RCC) and Scarlet Singers participants are invited to audition on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 or Thursday, May 23, 2013, 4:30–8:30 p.m.   

RCC Choristers and Chorale – For students entering grades 3–8 in 2013–2014.

Scarlet Singers – For students entering grades 9–12 in 2013–2014 (plus any younger males whose voice is changing or changed).

To schedule an audition, please sign up here.

Students should come to the Extension Division Office, Marryott Music Building Room 113, 20 minutes prior to rehearsal to pick up a parking pass. Please park in lot 79. Directions may be found HERE (follow directions to the Mason Gross Performing Arts Center). For more information, call 732-932-8618.

Learn more about the Rutgers Children’s Choir and Scarlet Singers here.

RCC Audition Requirements

Qualifications for auditioned choirs are a pleasant voice, a good sense of pitch, and a commitment to regular attendance and performances. The audition is a simple vocal assessment of the child’s readiness for a choral experience and ability to match pitch. Children should prepare to sing a simple song, such as  “America” (My Country ‘Tis of Thee), “Happy Birthday to You,” or something similar. The song does NOT have to be memorized. The song and simple exercises led by the conductor are used to identify skill level and appropriate potential placement in an ensemble.

Each potential choir member will also be asked to complete a simple music assessment to see what skills he/she already possess (such as note names, solfege syllables, counting, etc.). Failure to answer any or all of the questions does not mean a student will be excluded from choir membership. It is all part of the process of correct choir placement. Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your assigned audition time in order to complete this assessment and to double-check the contact information on your form.

Our audition experience is friendly, interactive, positive, and nonthreatening.

Scarlet Singers Audition Requirements

The following information is provided to assist potential choir members in a successful audition.

1.  Low Scales – Diatonic

Begin on the lower note and ascend one octave. Take a breath, then descend back to the starting pitch.

2.  High Scales – Diatonic

Begin on the lower note and ascend one octave. Take a breath, then descend back to the starting pitch.

All scales will be sung using solfege syllables or the vowel “AH” as in father

















3.  Tonal Memory and Sight Singing

You will be asked to sing back notes played or sung for you. Also, after hearing a short musical phrase twice, you will be asked to sing it by sight.

4.  Three-Part Canon

Sing your part in “Non Nobis Domine." Prepare this music ahead of time.

Posted May 2013