Audition/Interview Information


All applicants applying to the Mason Gross School of the Arts Theater program must first complete a Rutgers University application. Five business days after submitting the university application, a link to the Mason Gross Supplemental application will be emailed to you. Through the supplemental application, students will arrange their required audition or interview, pay the $55 audition/interview fee and answer questions about your theater background.

Auditions/Interviews are held on campus and at regional locations throughout the United States. Audition dates and locations can be found here.


Please prepare the following for your scheduled audition:

Audition- Actors must present two contrasting monologues; one classical and one contemporary. They should be memorized. The combined total of both monologues may not exceed 4 minutes. **applicants may be asked to sing 16 bars (30 seconds) of a song, acapella (no accompaniment)


Head shot or picture

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Please prepare the following for your scheduled interview. All applicants will be required to bring a Resume with them to the interview.

-BFA Portfolio and Interview requirements: Please bring examples of any artwork and drawings you may have done for classes, on your own, for the school paper, etc. These drawings do not have to pertain to theater. Photographs of shows or craft projects are also helpful. The portfolio should be presented in a manila folder or portfolio case (Inexpensive cardboard portfolios are available in most area supply stores). **PLEASE NOTE we cannot interview candidates for the BFA design program who do not present a portfolio**

Graduate Portfolio and Interview requirements: Please bring a representative portfolio of production and classroom design in your specific  area (sets, costumes or lights)

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Please prepare the following for you scheduled interview:


Portfolio:- Prompt books, designs, drafting, drawings, examples of your work in theater (photos of productions, construction of craft projects, programs or posters that you designed) and any other material that shows your background and interest in theater. Please do not include programs in which your name appears- that information should go on your resume.

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All applicants must complete the Rutgers University application and the Mason Gross supplemental application. The supplemental application requires you to answer questions about your theater background, upload a resume and pay the $55 interview fee. You will also be prompted to upload two writing samples: one full length play and one short play (if possible).


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