About the Department

DancePlus Spring 2012

“All the misfortunes of mankind, all of history’s disasters, all the bungling of politicians and mistakes of great generals—all come through not learning to dance.” – The Dancemaster in Molière’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

The Dance Department at Mason Gross School of the Arts fosters excellence at the intersection of dance performance, creative achievement and research inquiry. An accomplished faculty of artist-scholars work closely with students, providing mentorship and expert instruction in dance techniques, somatic studies, performance, choreography, pedagogy and theoretical studies. The proximity of the Mason Gross School to New York City offers students opportunities for master classes and workshops in world dance forms with international artists.

The mission of the department is to cultivate a community of dance artists of the highest caliber who are collaborative and multi-dimensional in their view and knowledge of the dance field internationally. The faculty supports student artists’ creative and scholarly research on multiple levels, encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills as a base to career pathways in the arts, business, education, sciences, and technology. Students will attain a clear and fundamental knowledge of how their embodied experiences, including improvising, performing, choreographing, writing and teaching are investigated, integrated and ultimately synthesized through artistic and scholarly methodologies.