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Peggy Reed is a financial services executive who has led management teams that have brought numerous insurance and investment products from idea to implementation.
Peggy also has extensive experience in developing and delivering annuity and retirement products to the non-profit market (K-12 and Higher Education, Healthcare, and State and Local Government plans).

07:700:310 The Business of Music

This dynamic 2-credit online course covers the fundamentals of the music industry from a variety of perspectives including major record labels and publishers, independent musicians and labels, managers, attorneys, and agents. Furthermore, students will gain entrepreneurial experience recording their own work and releasing/promoting it to the on-line community. There will also be some brief discussion about musician finances, job/internship acquisition/promotion, resume writing, and career building. This is the new on-line version of the former face-to-face class.

07:700:242 Country Music: A Cultural and Musical Survey

Country music has been part of American popular culture for close to 100 years. From the fiddle tunes and blue yodels of the 1920s to the Americana revival and “hick-hop” of today, music associated with rural American life has fascinated and entertained. Moreover—despite its roots in obscure, rural Southern and Western folk song—country music has become one of the most commercially successful music styles of the past decade.
Rachael Lansang is a musicologist and performer specializing in opera and contemporary vocal music. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in vocal performance at the University of Connecticut.

07:700:243 Introduction to the History of Opera Online

This course is an introduction to the operatic genre from the seventeenth century to the present day. Tracing opera’s history from the musical intermezzi of Florence, Italy, to the innovative and experimental productions heard around the world today, this course explores how opera serves as a lens through which a variety of cultural, performative, and historical issues may be examined.
Alice Hammel is a widely known music educator, author, and clinician whose experience in music is extraordinarily diverse. She teaches for James Madison and Virginia Commonwealth Universities in the areas of music education and music theory respectively, and has many years of experience teaching both instrumental and choral music in public and private schools. She has maintained a large, independent flute studio for over 25 years. 

07:965:240 Staging Resistance: Theater, Protest and Social Change

Through plays and other performance texts, videos, graphics, media accounts, and critical theory readings, this class will explore the vibrant tradition of theatricalized or staged resistance to the injustice and inequality endemic to contemporary culture. Sources include: plays and films that explicitly challenge embedded power hierarchies; radical performative disruptions such as Pussy Riot, Occupy Wall Street, and Take a Knee protests; and participatory community-engaged theater for social change.