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  • Members of the Class of ’63 attend the Mortensen Hall Dedication with Dean Stauffer, September 2013

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Mason Gross alumni are performers, artists, thinkers, and teachers. Because of their intensive training at Mason Gross, they are at home in both the creative and scholarly realms.


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Recent Alumni News

  • Dance

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    Alex Biegelson and William Tomaskovic performed DABKE in the Zvi Dance Company at the Schimmel Center in New York City on April 1 and 2. Under the artistic direction of its founder, Israeli-born, Zvi Gotheiner, DABKE is the national dance of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine; Israelis have their own version. Gotheiner’s DABKE uses the power of dance to highlight tribal and national identities as well as dissolve those definitions.

    Emily Funicello and Maddie Warriner performed with Barbara Angeline’s Hysterika Jazz Dance on April 9 and 10 as part of the New York Jazz Choreography Project at the Salvatore Capezio Theater in New York City.

    Kyle Marshall presented Roam on April 15 at Green Space in Long Island City, New York.

    Molly McGrath, Lauren Beirne, and Hannah Sego, of Lauren Beirne Dance Works, presented their latest work, Oleander, at Dixon Place in New York City on April 5th. They also presented at John Jay College on Tuesday, April 12, as the featured guest artist in the Marked Dance Project’s show, Stories: A Memoir through Movement.

    Joe Monteleone was on tour for the following dates: April 16, Dance Diversity Tour (Philadelphia), performing Dexterity of Mouth and War; April 28, Motion: New Dance Works (New Brunswick), for the premiere of Squaring the Circle; April 30, REVERB Dance Gallery (New York City), performing Sterility and Dexterity of Mouth and War; and May 1 at the PMT Spring Dance Series (New York City).

    Jennifer Silver was inducted into the Matthew Leydt Society at Rutgers, which salutes Rutgers’ highest-achieving undergraduates.

    Meagan Woods, founder of Your Move: New Jersey’s Modern Dance Festival, was unanimously nominated and selected for Dance New Jersey’s 2016 Jete Award, an honor given in recognition of strong impact on the state’s dance community.

  • Music

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    Brendan McConville was named a Fulbright Scholar for 2015–2016. He will lecture and research in Pescara, Italy, beginning February 2016 at the Luisa D’Annunzio Conservatory of Music. His lectures will focus on recent American compositional and analytical trends.

    Kelly Bruce has joined the Philadelphia Orchestra’s development team as their individual giving coordinator.

  • Theater

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    Christina Gordon was a part of the cast of Stone Soup and Other Stories, presented by the Emmy-nominated Pushcart Players at the Sellersvile Theater 1894 in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Stone Soup and Other Stories is a musical compilation of short literary favorites from Africa, India, Eastern Europe, and the United States that introduce the spirit and customs of these cultures.

    Jarde Jacobs starred as The Stranger in August Strindberg Repertory’s production of Damascus II at the Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City in April.

    Dan Lawson was featured in an article published on the Marie Claire website on May 4. The article focused on how Lawson’s costume design for The Good Wife television show had changed the way women dressed since the show’s premiere.

    Wally Marzano-Lesnevich and Michael Sorvino premiered their film, Almost Paris, at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24. Directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Almost Paris is a story of resilience and redemption where one can rise up, collaborate, and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.

    William Mastrosimone presented a staged reading of his new play Oblivion at the Jersey Shore Arts Center on April 16. The reading was presented on behalf of the La Strada Ensemble Theater. Oblivion follows the character of Ayr, a high-fashion model who seeks the high life, and Phil, her opera-composer boyfriend who is as addicted to her as she is addicted to heroin. The reading featured alum Thomas Ryan Ward.

    David Pegram received the 2016 Leonore Annenberg Arts Fellowship, granted to artists working in dance, visual arts, and acting. During his two-year run in War Horse at Lincoln Center, Pegram caught the attention of his fellowship mentors, who said, “David was touching and brave as the hero’s best friend and his death from an enemy shell was truly sad and shocking to the audience. This was David’s first real professional job and he succeeded way beyond his years or experience.” The fellowship will allow Pegram to continue his training as an actor, focusing on classical and on-camera techniques.

    Lauren Singerman, Sasha Kay, and Dano Madden co-created a new comedic web series, Precious Cargo, about the world of tutoring in New York City. The show also stars Aaron Ballard and faculty member Heather Rasche.

    Sarah Sirota has been announced as part of the upcoming cast of Cheers Live On Stage. Sirota will star as the character Carla in the new stage adaptation of the hit TV series, which kicks off a national tour in Boston this fall.

    Sebastian Stan was featured on the cover of and in an interview for Backstage Magazine on May 4. The article focused on Stan’s latest starring role as Bucky/The Winter Soldier in the blockbuster hit Captain America: Civil War.

    Sam Yim starred in To Climb A Gold Mountain, a film that aired on PBS SoCal on May 17. The film follows the true stories of four women of Asian descent who lived in America over the span of 160 years. Yim starred in the role of Sing Ye.

  • Visual Arts

    Ligia Bouton was awarded a Creative Capital grant for her opera, Inheritance.

    Brian Scott Campbell’s solo show, Local Singles,was on view at Dutton Gallery in New York City from January 6 to 31.

    Amy Feldman participated in a group exhibition at Annaelle Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, from December 8 to January 10.

    Raque Ford has been awarded an International Studio and Curatorial Program residency for 2016.

    Jennie C. Jones received the $40,000 Rauschenberg Award. Jones also has a solo exhibition, Compilation, on view at the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston from December 12 to March 27. The Houston Chronicle wrote an article praising Jones’s minimalist artwork.

    Melissa MacAlpin was named faculty athletics representative to the NCAA at Felician University.

    Sophy Maess had two paintings in a play by Amanda Friedman called I Lost Something In The Hills Or A Painting Of Blue Roses, which ran December 12 and 13 at US Blues in Brooklyn. She also co-hosted and had paintings in The Art Tag Sale by Julia Sherman in New York on December 12. Maess debuted two new soap editions at the New Museum’s zine fair on December 19.

    Anne Percocco participated in a group project and exhibition celebrating one of the last areas of undeveloped New York City waterfront, in Long Island City, from December 18 to January 22.

    Victor C. Witkowski ’s solo show is on view at the Carroll House Gallery at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, from January 22 to February 20.