Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking Heads to the Cannes International Film Festival May 2013

RCDF student Zack Morrison and graduate Steve Holloway will be screening their work at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival in France. Both of their short films will be screening at Cannes in association with Campus Movie Fest, the nation’s largest student film festival that hosts a week-long film competition at Rutgers every year.

Steve’s drama, “The Rings We Bear,” won “Best Picture” at last year’s Rutgers Campus Movie Fest while Zack’s musical comedy “Don’t Make Me Sing” won “Best Comedy.” Over the summer, both films screened in Hollywood and were selected over hundreds of films to screen at Cannes this May.  As a prospective senior, Zack plans to graduate from the film certificate program, while Steve continues to contribute to RCDF as a fulltime media director and documentary co-producer at the Rutgers Film Bureau.   

Posted March 2013