Digital Film

Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking Heads to the Cannes International Film Festival May 2013

RCDF student Zack Morrison and graduate Steve Holloway will be screening their work at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival in France. Both of their short films will be screening at Cannes in association with Campus Movie Fest, the nation’s largest student film festival that hosts a week-long film competition at Rutgers every year.

Mason Gross Student films in Brazil

Rutgers Film Bureau student Adam Nawrot traveled to Brazil with professor Dan Hoffman to film a scene for our original documentary feature "Generation at Risk: Joining Forces to Fight Childhood Obesity."

Visiting Artists

Spring 2018

Debra Granik
Winter's Bone



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Head of Administration & Advisement

Karina Daves is in charge of the daily functions of the Rutgers Filmmaking Center. She serves as the liaison between the center and various departments at Mason Gross such as Admissions, Dean of Students, Business Office, and many more to ensure success and fluidity.