The Mason Gross Performing Arts Center is on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. The performing arts center includes:

Other Venues

  • Kirkpatrick Chapel is on the Old Queens Campus of Rutgers University on the College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick.
  • Jameson Studio Theater is on the Douglass Campus in Jameson Residence Hall D, Jones Avenue at Townsend Street in New Brunswick.
  • Little Theater is on the Douglass Campus on Nichol Avenue in New Brunswick
  • Christ Church is in downtown New Brunswick. It is bordered by Neilson, Church, and Paterson streets and is opposite the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick. The church entrance is on the Church Street side.
  • Mason Gross Galleries at Civic Square is a 4,200-square-foot venue in the heart of New Brunswick’s arts district exclusively dedicated to showcasing graduate and undergraduate student work.  

Map of venues [PDF]