Meet our newest faculty members

Cameron Knight, Head of BFA Theater

“[I enjoy] taking on new and challenging questions and supporting students on their path of discovery and creation. I’m a theatre maker, I like creating stuff! (that can be a show, a curriculum) exploring all ways to move us forward.”

Julia Baumanis, Director of Pep Bands

“To know that I am helping someone on some level, whether it be figuring out a musical phrase issue or getting my students their first band director job, is what is most enjoyable about teaching. I was so appreciative to my mentors when they helped me–now I am that person for my students.”

Anne McPherson, Head of Stage Management

“Performance arts are (or should be) in an ongoing state of evolution, and stage management as an art and craft must also continue to evolve. Towards this, what we talk about in the classroom can be wonderfully productive.”