Sonata Class | A History of Western Music - Levels I & II

A History of Western Music – Level 1, Fall 2015
For Adults and students enrolled in the Young Artist Program.

A History of Western Music– Level 2, Spring 2016
For Adults and students enrolled in the Young Artist Program. 

Class Description:  This two semester class will cover the entire history of western music, from the earliest musical notations through contemporary music.  Major topics of discussion will include: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, early music, popular and jazz music, opera, etc.  The fall semester will cover music from Antiquity through around 1800 and the spring will cover music through the present day. 

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Sonata Class
For adult students and advanced precollege students (ABRSM level 8; RCMDP level 8).

This class covers the evolution of the sonata from its origins into the form we recognize from the Classical and Romantic Era.  This will be a combination of instructor lecture/performance and student performance/participation.  Those who take the class have the option to observe the class only or to perform/participate as arranged with the instructor in advance.  This will be offered as an 8-session class with the performance at the end as listed above (performance is optional). 


  • Not offered fall 2015


  • $360 tuition
  • $15 registration fee


Building & Address:  Marryott Music Building,  81 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room: TBD
Map/ Directions Link: