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Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Students of Mason Gross School of the Arts,

We know this is a difficult and uncertain time for you. Rehearsals, studio time, study time, performances, exhibits, screenings–it’s all been upended. Many of you rely on an audience, a stage, or a gallery wall to complete your work, and Mason Gross wants to continue to give that to you–virtually, at least.

Here’s where you come in: Send us short videos (visual artists, feel free to send photos if you prefer) no longer than 20 seconds, and we will post some of them to the Mason Gross Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds as part of the (we-hope-short-lived) series, “Art in the Time of Coronavirus.”

Whether it be dancing in your living room, practicing on a tiny keyboard, designing a costume, or painting in your bedroom: None of it has to be “finished,” polished, or perfect. Feel free to be spontaneous. You deserve to be heard and seen. Show us what you’re making.

Note: This proposed activity is purely extracurricular and voluntary, and of course, creators of submitted work will be acknowledged by name and social media handle(s).