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07:700:234 From Jazz to Hip Hop: African American Music in the 20th Century

From Jazz to Hip Hop is designed as an exploration of the relationships between jazz and other African American musical traditions from early 1900s to the present, including blues, R&B, rock, soul and hip hop. The course focuses on the development, evolution, influence and issues of jazz music in America, an exploration that starts with the ephemeral roots of popular African American music in the folk and religious music of the 1800s.

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Damian Catera is an interdisciplinary sound and media artist, and an electro-acoustic composer and improviser. Catera's work reflects interests in critical analysis, experimental composition/improvisation, and transmission. He has toured and exhibited his work the United States, Europe, and Asia. His primary mission as an artist is to blur disciplinary boundaries often utilizing appropriated material and algorithmic processing.

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