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07:206:431 Dance History: World Survey

In order to understand the history of dance, we must first ask–why do we dance? While dancing is a universal human activity, it does not play the same role in every culture.

07:203:136 Dance in India

Dance in India course covers a wide range of forms practiced in India in the 20th and 21st century, including folk dances, classical dance forms, contemporary choreography, and film dances, among others. 

07:203:135 Dance Forms of Africa

Dance Forms of Africa course explores dance forms from the continent of Africa. African dance comprises of a variety of dance forms from different cultures in different blocks on the African continent.

07:203:134 Dance in Israel

The course presents the evolution of dance in Israel as an art form in a broad aesthetic, cultural and historical context. Starting from the beginning of the 20th Century until today we will look at genres, styles, key figures and critical moments in time, and explore the relationships between the local, the global and the political.

07:203:133 Dance in Istanbul

This course introduces students to dance in Istanbul from the 16th century to the present and facilitates an understanding of the dancing body in Turkish Islamic culture through three main categorizations: dances of spiritualism, dances of urban life, and dances of modernization.

07:203:132 History of Broadway Dance

This course explores the evolution of dance in musical theater and on Broadway. Course topics will include a historical survey of dance on Broadway; an examination of the reciprocal relationship of Broadway dance to economic and cultural change; and a close look at the power structure and organization of Broadway musicals.

07:203:130 Dance Appreciation

Dance Appreciation Online is an introduction to dance as an art form, wherein students study the historical, cultural, social and performative contexts of diverse dance forms.