Faculty & Staff

Fred Quayenortey
Animation Instructor
Community Arts
Degrees & Accomplishments
BFA in Design, Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Minor in Animation, Rutgers University
New Wave Showcase (Group Exhibition) 2019
First Law (Group Exhibition) 2019

Fred Quayenortey is a Story Artist, Animator and Graphic Designer born in Elizabeth, NJ and raised in Old Bridge, NJ. The work he has been creating involves topics such as self-agency, and technology, which functions as a leeway to discussing the idea of productivity. One of his main characters is named “Kime,” translated to “decision,” a reminder that it is better to make a wrong decision than none at all. Other characters in his projects find themselves trapped in precarious scenarios where they are forced to contend with not only their present, but how to move beyond it. Fred Quayenortey, through his stories, creates characters through which the fear and emotion of decision making can be explored.