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08:702:532 Theory I: Modal Composition & Tonal Analysis for Graduate Music Educators

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08:702:532 Theory I: Model Composition & Tonal Analysis for Graduate Music Educators


This course, which is designed for Music Education majors, explores important topics in music theory from the Medieval period through the 18th century. Beginning with the development of notation, we will follow the progression of Western music from chant through the beginning of the Common Practice period. While this is not a class on the history of theory, we will be reading and discussing the major theorists of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. There will be an emphasis on the practical application of the concepts studied in class, as students will learn the fundamentals 16th and 17th century counterpoint, realize figured bass in four part voice-leading, and complete formal analysis of music from the Baroque and early Classical periods.

3 credits

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Craig Levesque
Music Instructor
Arts Online