New Lens Student Film Festival

2018 New Lens Student Film Festival

The Rutgers Filmmaking Center is bringing back the New Lens Film Festival!

New Lens celebrates the works of Rutgers student filmmakers. Cash prizes will be given out for best fiction, best documentary, best animation, and more.

Below are all of the details and instructions to participate. Questions? Contact Karina Daves.

Call for Submissions

 1. Who is eligible to submit? All current undergraduate students. 

2. When are submissions due? All submissions are due by Monday, April 23, online. 

3. How do I submit my film? Submit your film and application at You must submit both your APPLICATION AND FILM to this site. You will have to submit twice—it will be two separate uploads. The first will be your application and then go back and submit your film. 

4. What are the specs for film uploads? All specs are listed at If you do not follow these specs, your film will not be considered for the film festival. 

5. Can I submit more than one entry? Yes, but each entry must have their own application form. 

6. Can I submit to the film festival even though I am not a BFA student? Yes, absolutely, all Rutgers students are welcome to apply!

The 2018 New Lens Film Festival will be held on Tuesday, May 1, at 7 p.m. at Nicholas Music Center. Join the filmmakers for refreshments after the screening, which is free and open to all.

Posted April 2018.