David Cheifer

Accompanist, Piano

After studying piano from the age of six, then organ and bassoon, David Cheifer went on to earn his BS in music education from Rowan University and MA in music theory from Temple University. His many performance experience includes performing in orchestras, conducting musicals, playing piano and the jazz organ, and most recently playing for ballet and modern dance classes at Mason Gross, Princeton University, and other area schools. He also accompanies for the ABT dance program at Mason Gross. For the fall semester 2013, he was selected to be the acting music director of the Mason Gross dance department, and has brought synthesizer use and piano safety awareness into the program. He teaches classical piano, jazz on piano and organ, music theory, ear training, improvisation, and composition. He currently has private students and is accepting more students through the Mason Gross Extension Division.

  • Courses Taught

    classical piano

    jazz on piano and organ

    music theory, ear training, improvisation, and composition

  • Education

    BS in Music Education, Rowan University

    MA of Music Theory from Temple University