Adult & Rutgers College Student Programs

Adult and collegiate student programs facilitate exploration and lifelong experiences in the arts. Courses of study in music are available for beginners, enthusiastic amateurs, and those with professional training.  A 10% discount is available for Rutgers faculty, staff, and students for all classes (not including private lesson instruction).  
Please contact our registrar, Ms. Dana Wilson for more information -  848-932-8618, 
      Financing for continuing education (including study at the Extension Division) is available from the Rutgers Federal Credit Union.


Digital Media


AVID Media Certification

This official Media Composer training course opens the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities. Back up your training investment with industry-recognized Media Composer certification. By becoming certified, you’ll be joining a community of editors just like you, where you’ll get advice, hear about real-world projects, and expand your personal and professional network.
This course is scheduled to occur within the Rutgers University calendar. 

Creative Media Software Training for Video & Film Producers  
Learn creative media software used by the pros to manage and create graphics, composites, motion tracking, color correction, grading, compression and audio effects.  The class’s modular structure allows students to hone-in on software used throughout the film and television industry: Photoshop, After Effects, Mocha, DAVinci Resolve, Media Encoder, MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake, ProTools, and Audition.  This course is designed to complement collegiate-level creative media study. This course is scheduled to occur within the Rutgers University calendar. 


Adult Chamber Music Program
This program is designed for non-professional, adult musicians – instrumentalists and vocalists – who are passionate about chamber music. Participants rehearse with fellow enthusiasts, and coach with members of the Extension Division’s world-class faculty, assisted by interns from the Mason Gross Music Department.  Meeting September through April; enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.
This course is scheduled to occur within the Rutgers University calendar. 

Voice Class
Voice class is designed to provide singers of varying abilities a greater understanding of healthy sound production. Students will be introduced to the processes of healthy singing, which encompass mental awareness, posture and alignment, balanced breathing and support, free phonation, optimal resonation, and efficient use of the articulators. The course will examine research on the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism so students can gain practical skills that may enhance their approach to vocal technique and repertoire. Great emphasis will also be placed on performance and students will learn to become efficient in their preparation of a piece via performance practice strategies.This course is scheduled to occur within the Rutgers University calendar.  

Guitar Ensembles
Our new Guitar Ensembles provide guitar students the opportunity to experience ensemble playing with other guitarists. Students will learn and perform repertoire from a variety of musical styles and eras that have been composed or arranged for guitar ensemble. All music will be provided. This ensemble will read only standard musical notation (TAB will not be used in this ensemble.)  A guitar ensemble may range in size from a quartet to a larger chamber group (e.g./ 6-12 players), or even an orchestra!

Piano Ensembles - Beginning through Advanced, and Improvisation Class
Piano Ensembles provide pianists the opportunity to experience ensemble playing with one another. Students will learn 2-3 selections a semester and will have the opportunity to perform with one another.  Ensembles are formed by grouping students of similar ability level. 

Private Lessons (instrumental instruction, voice, theory, and composition)
Instruction is available for all levels - beginners through advanced - during fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.  Performance opportunities are available. 
A specially configured private lesson schedule is available to Rutgers University students.  

Music theory instruction is available for all levels - beginners through advanced - during fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. 

Music theory (including ear training) is perhaps the most important – and most neglected - area of study for most music students.  Music Theory is the study of the language of music. The notes on the page are so much more than indications of what to play and when!  They constitute a language in and of themselves.  When read by musicians trained in harmony, counterpoint, and analysis (all elements of music theory), written music contains information revealing details of the composer’s emotional and intellectual intentions.  Ear training (aka aural skills) refers to learning to identify key elements of music by ear, rather than from the written page.  This includes identifying scales and modes, harmony, musical structure, and even learning to write down what one hears (aka dictation).  Understanding, interpretation, performance, and enjoyment is greatly facilitated by training in music theory and ear training.  

DJEMBENIQUE - group drumming
When: Saturdays in January 2019 - 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, and 1/26. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Cost: $195
Class location: Nicholas Music Center - Rehearsal Hall 104, Douglass Campus, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Learn more & register online (coming soon - email for more information) | visit the Djembenique webpage 

Open to music educators, church music directors, and people who’ve just always wanted to try drumming.

A unique group drumming class for adults that combines West African and Brazilian-based rhythms and instruments.

This class is conceived with players of any level of musical and drumming experience – including none – in mind and its aim is to allow people to experience the sheer joy that music from these parts of the world evokes. Although its presentation bears some resemblance to drum circles, all instruments will be presented in a context that is connected to their origins. Instruments will be provided, but you may also bring your own djembes, dununs, or Brazilian bateria.



Art & Design


Independent Study: Small Group Training for Intermediate and Advanced Students
Participants work in groups of 2-4 students with a single instructor. This course offers a high degree of personalized attention, focuses on developing individual projects, designed to help teens prepare a portfolio for Advanced Placement in high school art classes, and college admissions. Students will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions at Mason Gross Galleries and M.F.A./ B.F.A. studios to experience an art school environment. Adult participants may pursue personal goals and develop skills at a high level.
This course is scheduled to occur within the Rutgers University calendar. 

Animation Independent Study: Small Group Training for Intermediate and Advanced Students
This course is designed for students at any level of video-making experience who are interested in creating digital moving images.  Students will learn narrative development, character design, storyboarding, stop-motion, and editing with Adobe Premiere. Independent sessions meet in small groups where students are able to receive extra assistance when developing individual projects.