SPARKED: Steven Kemper, Professor of Music Technology

Mason Gross School artists discuss the elements that fuel their work


Many of my projects are collaborations with composers, performers, dancers, artists, and technologists. The highlights of collaborative projects are the creative results that emerge, reflecting each contributor’s unique voice.



Yen Yu grew up in China and studied violin with her father at an early age. She entered Wu Han Conservatory of Music at age 14 under the tutelage of Xin-Min Zhou.

Program celebrates jazz legend Charles Mingus, connects students with master musicians

Jazz legend Charles Mingus died of complications from ALS in 1979, at age 56.

But thanks to the tenacity of his widow, Sue Mingus, it seems as if the endlessly innovative bassist, composer, band leader, and political activist never left the stage.

Coordinator of Brass


Rutgers Percussion Ensemble fuses music and visual art by working from a graphic score

Greg Riss admits it: He was nervous.

And why not? The percussionist had been trained his entire life to take direction from an agreed-upon language of notes and markings running horizontally from left to right across a five-line staff.