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Why I came to Mason Gross

Brian pAPAROZZIPlenty of people just didn’t get it.

“A lot of my friends at small schools said I was crazy to go far away from home and attend a big school [like Rutgers],” says Briana Paparozzi, 19, a second-year BFA Visual Arts student from Charleston, S.C.

But Paparozzi was determined.

“That’s what college is about—trying something new,” she insists. “I wanted big opportunities.”

One of those “big opportunities” includes studying and making art just 40 miles from New York City.

“New York is a whole world in itself,” says Paparozzi, who won the 2011 Rutgers Alumni Club of South Carolina Robert E. Johnson Scholarship and is the recipient of the university’s $10,000-a-year James Dickson Carr Scholarship. “I can go to art galleries, get new ideas.”

But Paparozzi says she is especially energized as she encounters such a wide range of people at Rutgers.

“On the Rutgers campus, you see different ethnicities, people skateboarding, art kids. It’s such a big group of people, there’s something new every day,” she says. “Knowing it was a big campus and that there were so many opportunities—I wanted to take advantage of that.”

Posted: August 2012