Acting at Shakespeare’s Globe in London

acting at globe
What better way to learn, than to go to the sourceEnglandand study classical works and how to perform them with those professionals who have trained, researched, and performed throughout their careers with Shakespeare’s texts. You will live in a flat in central London, walk to class over the Millennium Bridge with a view of St Paul's Cathedral and the Tate Modern, and study at the international center for Shakespeare research, performance, and trainingShakespeare's Globe.
In Acting you will work with professional directors, teachers and masters of text uniting the technical demands of speaking Shakespeare's language with the imaginative and emotional demands of acting. Through Movement you will express your thoughts with your bodies and learn classical physical forms appropriate for the Globe stage. With Voice you'll find a natural expression of Elizabethan and Jacobean dramatic speech. In DANCE you will bring to life the history of Western European Social Dance through a practical experience of dances from the 12th to the 19th centuries. Certified in Stage Combat you will be qualified for both armed and unarmed theatrical fight. In a group you will SING and master choral range, with joy. And with Dialects you will return to America and be able to convince anyone that you are from Britain having mastered a range of standard and regional accents from the British Isles.
Whether working on text from Twelfth Night with directors such as Tim Carroll at Middle Temple Hall, where the play was first performed in 1602, tramping the fields of Richmond Park to imagine the Forest of Arden with scholars such as Dr. Farrah Karim-Cooper, or listening to an opera at ENO with teachers such as Joseph Atkins, you will return from London altered, expanded, and able to breathe life and mastery into any classical character you work on.