Global Theater

global theater
Global Theater is a dynamic, interactive two-semester exploration of what has, is and will be happening around the world in theater and related arts. You will examine the theories and practices of performance in the 21st century, with an emphasis on historical perspectives and contemporary issues and applications. You will read and discuss works by playwrights, philosophers and aesthetic theorists. What is the effect of world politics, economics, race, religion and technology on the work we currently see and make? You will participate in the diversity and interplay of a globalized arts community. You will connect to theatre-makers from all over the globe, both virtually and in the classroom. Through exchange and interdisciplinary comparisons, you are encouraged not only to examine the world, but also your own values and beliefs and how those values and beliefs might shape the future.
Soon we will go global with a for-credit summer class available, extending our connections into the very arts communities we study, in cities around the world from Shanghai to Buenos Aires - beginning 2014 in Paris.