Core Curriculum

core curriculum
As a company you will also share in a Core Curriculum. This term refers to the courses designed to reinforce or challenge your assumptions about theater and expand your thinking. Core Curriculum has been tailored to a company of students serious about becoming well-rounded, culturally aware theater artists. Although highly demanding, these are not typical academic courses. They have a direct and important relationship to your Core Training and to the work we put on our stage.
Whatever your discipline, the core training will give you the tools and techniques to develop your craft while the core curriculum will help you think locally and globally about theater as well as debate the art-form with other student/artists outside your specific field of study. All of this activity is intensive and requires a great deal of focus. That said, challenging yourself in such a full and complex way will deepen your understanding of theater, help contextualize your work and give you a distinct advantage in the world.