Why I Came to Mason Gross

“Everyone says, ‘When you go to visit a school, you just know,’ ” say Evan Flood, 22, a fourth-year BFA Dance student from Vineland, N.J. “That’s absolutely what happened when I visited Rutgers.” Flood says he was struck by the camaraderie among Mason Gross School dancers.
“The Dance Department seemed to have a real family feel, and the students truly looked happy doing what they were doing,” he says. “. . . In dance you’re so used to being surrounded by competitive and cutthroat people, but it’s different here.”
Not only that, Flood says, but “it was comforting to see how the department produced dancers that were working professionals in the field.”
But Flood’s love-at-first-sight reaction doesn’t mean his transition was seamless. Flood admits that initially, at least, Rutgers could be overwhelming.
Fortunately, dance has remained his anchor.
“The school is so vibrant and always on the move,” he says. “It seemed intimidating to find your niche and your ‘thing,’ so finding dance absolutely helped out there.
“Being surrounded by other students who were interested in pursuing the same goals and dreams as me made me feel like a part of something,” he adds. “. . . With class all day and rehearsals all night, five, six, or seven days a week, you really have to love what you’re doing. Luckily, all the blood (literally), sweat and tears have made me realize that dance is exactly what I was meant to do.”