Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are available for credit through the department on a limited basis or for non-credit through Rutgers Community Arts, 848-932-1500,

Non-Major Lesson

Non-Mason Gross students who wish to take a 1 credit lesson must audition for and participate in one of our major ensembles.  Those wishing to take a voice or a piano lesson must audition for the lessons as well. 

Auditions will take place in the first two days of class at the Marryott Music Building. Students receiving voice lessons must register for and participate in a Mason Gross choir, as assigned by the director of choral activities, Dr. Patrick Gardner

We ask all interested in voice lessons to audition in the first two days of choral auditions, which will act as both your audition for voice lessons and your audition for the chorus. Piano auditions will also take place the first day of school in the Marryott Music Building.