Nicholas Chong


Nicholas Chong joined the Rutgers faculty in Fall 2017, having previously served as TOMS Core Faculty Fellow and Lecturer in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University. In this position, he taught “Contemporary Civilization,” a “great books” seminar for undergraduates covering chronologically diverse texts in political philosophy, intellectual history, and social thought.

As a musicologist, Chong specializes in the music of the late Classical and Romantic eras in Germany and Austria. In his teaching and research, he focuses in particular on the relationship of the creation and reception of musical works to religious, political and intellectual history. His secondary interests include the history of sacred music across historical periods, as well as aesthetics and the philosophy of music.

Chong completed his PhD in historical musicology at Columbia University in 2016, under the supervision of Elaine Sisman. His dissertation, “Beethoven’s Catholicism: A Reconsideration,” argues that both Beethoven and his religious music, especially the Missa Solemnis,were more heavily influenced by Catholic theological ideas than is usually thought. An essay related to this project, "Aufklärung, Katholizismus und die relgiöse Anschauung Beethovens" ("Enlightenment, Catholocism and Beethoven's Religious Outlook"), is forthcoming in Volume 5 of the German series Das Beethoven-Handbuch, published by Laaber-Verlag. Chong is currently preparing a book manuscript based on his disseration—projected to be the first monograph devoted specifically to Beethoven's religious music—and also plans to undertake further research into the complex role of religion in German Romantic musical aesthetics. In addition to his work on Beethoven, he has published a journal article on the musical quotations in the Act II Finale of Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Current Musicology, Fall 2011).

In the broader musicological community, Chong serves as secretary of the Greater New York chapter of the American Musicological Society. In addition to his musicological training, he holds a master of music degree in orchestral conducting from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, and his conducting experience includes a professional engagement with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra in Michigan. 

Born in Singapore to Malaysian parents, Chong attended high school in Melbourne, Australia, before coming to the United States.