Eddie Palmieri

Distinguished Artist, Jazz Piano

Eddie Palmieri has a musical career that spans over 50 years as a bandleader of Salsa and Latin Jazz orchestras. 

With a discography that includes 36 titles, Palmieri has been awarded nine Grammy® Awards. Eddie began piano studies at an early age, as did his older brother, the late Salsa pianist, Charlie Palmieri.

At age 11, he auditioned at Weil Recital Hall, which is next door to Carnegie Hall. Possessed by a desire to play the drums, Palmieri joined his uncle’s orchestra at age 13, where he played timbales.

Says Palmieri: “By 15, it was good-bye timbales and back to the piano until this day. I’m a frustrated percussionist, so I take it out on the piano.”

Palmieri has one of the most active touring Salsa and Latin Jazz orchestras to date. Tours have taken him to Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, North Africa, and throughout the Caribbean.